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Sunward's Inner Courtyard
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Our Academy

Junior Academy Sunward Park was the first of four academies founded in 1990, in a safe and secure village in Sunward Park, Boksburg.

Inner Courtyard

Our school has spacious sunny and cheerful classrooms with huge playgrounds and lovely green lawns, creating the perfect learning environment.

We render daily, special loving care and the best education to all children from the ages of two months up to six years (Grade R).

Babies are specially catered for. They are given daily massaging, exercising and are stimulated constantly with their very own outside play area.

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ABCCurriculum offered in English and Afrikaans

Sunward Logo

Think Again!

So, you think what you do in the classroom doesn't matter...
That you're "just"going to teach
Well think again!
A child is a person
Who is going to carry on
What you have started
And when you are gone
Attend to those things you think are important
You may adopt all the policies you please-
But how they are carried out,

Depends on him.

He will assume control of your cities, states, and schools.
He is going to move in and take over
Your churches, states, and corporations
The fate of humanity is in his hands...
or is that your hands?

author unknown


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Tel.: 011 913 2371

Cel.:076 076 1192

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14 Liefland Street,

Sunward Village, Sunward Park,

Boksburg, 1470


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